Developing a presence on the Indian market is a strategic priority for an increasing number of businesses - small and large - who are eager to capitalise on the country's solid economic growth and its flourishing consumer market.
Yet without sufficient planning and knowledge, companies can easily fall short of their objectives, enter a costly spiral, and fail to capture the market's full potential. At Indpact Consulting, we help you do your "homework" and avoid pitfalls as you enter a new market and engage with local business partners. Given the complexity of the Indian business environment, professional services will often go beyond market research and due diligence to directly address and resolve strategic and operational challenges.

As a Trade and Business Development Consultant and founder of Indpact, Stéphane Rohan LAURENT, a French-Indian national, calls upon his practical experience of establishing and managing a French subsidiary in India for 6 years. Stéphane works hand in hand with clients, analysing their sales strategy and business model in order to connect them with the right people, in relevant industries. Stéphane shares crucial market insights and leverages his network with a focus on delivering tangible results for his clients.

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